What Is A Melody?

What is a melody?  How do I write one of my own?  If you are a singer you sing a sequence of notes of different pitches and duration in a sequence.

If you are a pianist you play different notes on the piano one after the other using quarter notes, half notes and whole notes to make your own unique melody.  Each melody has its own character with varying music beats, key signatures and mood.

Melody Notes

It is nothing more than a string of notes played one after the other. This creates a tune that you can whistle or sing over and over again. How many times have you asked someone how a tune goes?

Please whistle that tune for me…   Television is full of short commercials that have catchy melodies.  It doesn’t have to be a long melody to stick in our brains for days and weeks to come.

When you played your little version of Mary Had a Little Lamb on your piano or keyboard as a child  you were actually
playing short melodies or tunes. Let’s learn a little more about the details of how to create your own melody.

Music Note Values

The music note values in the example below consist of quarter notes in the first measure, eighth notes in the second measure and a combination of a half note a eighth notes in the third measure.

If these note value terms seem foggy to you and you do not understand their value please go here to review music note values.  Then return to this page and it will make a lot more sense.

Music Note Values

What is a Melody?

Notice in the musical example above that there are quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes and dotted half notes included in this melody.  That means that this sequence of notes has notes that last for different amounts of time.

Along with this there are notes of different pitch on the music staff.  Much like singing Do-Re-Mi these pitches create a unique sequence or MELODY.

How to Write Music – Follow this link for more detailed information on how to write you own melody.
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