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When the Saints Go Marching In Piano Letters Music

When the Saints Go Marching In Piano Letters Music is easy to learn.  This easy piano keyboard arrangement is for beginner piano students of all ages.

This piece has some elements of folk music but remains a very popular American gospel hymn.


Piano Practice Tips for When the Saints Go Marching In

1.  The piece in the key of C Major.  There are no sharps or flats.

2.  Place both hands in the C Position to begin and stay throughout the piece.  The only exception is in the left hand on the first measure of the second line.  The left hand 5th finger reaches down to play Bass B on the first beat of that measure.

3.  Count this piece in 4/4 time with 4 beats per measure.

4.  Practice hands separately first saying each letter name aloud as you play.

5.  There are 3 pick up notes in the right hand in the first measure.

6.  Play along with video tutorial above hands separately 3 times for each hand before trying to play hands together.

7.  When the Saints Go Marching In Free Piano Sheet Music – Print out here (includes note names)


Music Origins

The exact origins of this now jazz favorite are not known.  However, it is know that is began as a spiritual. Gospel and spiritual music from the churches began to make its way into the bars and jazz clubs of New Orleans.

Other southern music houses used hymns like this gradually became stylized with piano, bass, drums and every kind of solo instrumental combination.

Most people are more likely to hear it today in a jazz band setting thanks to the tremendous influence of Louis Armstrong in New Orleans in the 1930’s.When the Saints Go Marching In Piano Letters Music

This song is often used in New Orleans funeral processions.

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