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Yankee Doodle Easy Piano Music Free

Yankee Doodle Easy Piano Music Free is easy to learn for all piano beginners.yankee doodle easy piano music free

Sheet Music Link Yankee Doodle Piano

Practice Tips:

  1.  There are 4 counts in each measure of this piece.
  2.  Most of the left hand notes are whole notes worth 4 beats.
  3. Both hands begin and end in the C Position.
  4. Practice hands separately 3X before hands together.
  5. See Note Names below the music on bottom of this page.

Yankee Doodle Easy Piano Sheet Music Free – Listen Here

History of Yankee Doodle

Being a well-known Anglo-American song, the history of Yankee Doodle dates back to the Seven Years’ War. It is often sung at sports events and for patriotic events in the United States today.

It also happens to be the state anthem of Connecticut.  This very well know American folk song has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 4501.

Yankee Doodle Musical Excerpt

The Yankee Doodle musical excerpt below reveals the simplicity of this easy piano arrangement.  It is in the key of C Major and has a 4/4 time signature.

Yankee Doodle Easy Piano Music Free

Piano Note Letter Names

The RIGHT HAND NOTE NAMES on Line #1 of the music above are as follows:

C C D E  C E D                  B  C C D E  C__ B__                  C C D E   F E D C

Line #2 Right hand notes:

B G A B   C__ C__

A B A G  A B C__             G A G F



C___ C___ C___ C_G_ C___ F___

Line #2 left hand note names:

G___ C___ A___ A___ C&G___


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